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live from the bay area's new station this is kron 4 news @ 4:00. our big story at 4:00 for the fifth day in a row investigators are combing through an east bay landfill refusing to give up their search for missing hercules man. frederick's sales has been missing over a week ago. please believe ricardo was bludgeoned to death by aefren valdemoro. kron 4 christine conley is live in pittsburgh how they found in the close yet? no for five days a been searching and the only thing they found was a piece of
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paper with hercules address on it showing they are indeed looking in the right spot. they're searching this massive landfill in the hills behind me are going for 1 a. worth of trash. five days volunteers with hard hats and release thick gloves have been carefully going through a 3,000 t of trash. hercules police said they will goes to give up until the dough for each piece of trash. >> mr. salas still has siblings that still need to know his whereabouts. once we're done here if nothing evolves from the search we will continue to work with the family and talked to friends and solicit to close from the community. >> crews are specifically looking for this trash collected from the north shore business park. last week they found his white cadillac escalate in the park that was driven by pi, all
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the marrow. he also used to work of the business park and the bay area well. a surge of the park last week provided no clothes put the trash had been picked up. that's why search and rescue crews came out to the landfill to look for a week's worth of trash collected between august 25th and august 31st. it's been almost two weeks since he was last seen and right now this is our biggest lead in the case. they're expected to wrap up their search today. they came here at 8:00 a.m. and they're expected to wrap up around 5:00 p.m.. they should be back again tomorrow morning in could be here through thursday carried >> thank you christine, the man of the accused of shooting fremont officer todd young is in court today 20 year-old andrew we see there is facing charges for allegedly shooting officer young in oakland it during arrest attempt to rid the suspected gang member is charged with 10 felonies included attempted murder and carjacking.
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kron 4 joins us by phone >> overwhelming show of support by the fremont police officers for the officer of todd young here. over 70 fremont cops showed up including the chief of police. inside the court room every seat was filled except for three by police officers and the three that were in police officers where family members of mary and joseph. he was not rain today because he got a new attorney and she just got the case and needs time to go over it. should the judge did order that there was no doubt in this case and that to carry and the stairway from three people the carjacking victim officer todd young and the senate cleared said assistant da. >> meanwhile the fremont police officer todd young remains in
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the hospital in serious but stable condition. there's a picture of on there. today the santa rosa police officers association held a blood drive in honor of officer young. >> a live look good side from our mount tam cam you will notice lots of sunshine but were also seeing the marine layers of right off shore. right along the coastline south of the golden gate and i wanted to show you current conditions but they went by fast. temperatures are a lot cooler than what we saw out there yesterday. in the '50s close to the coast line mostly the '60s and '70s for the rest of the bay area. 80 degrees in santa rosa still 13 degrees cooler than yesterday. 13 degrees cooler in antioch as well. '70s in our inland from 20 to 24 degrees cooler in those locations like redwood city. not only is it cooler it's also breezy as we expected so it
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feels lost three out there. winds at sfo 21 mi. an hour. were seeing gusts stronger than this gusts of up to 37 mi. an hour have been recorded across the bay area this afternoon whether headlines i want to show you the cloud cover off shore. it's broken up on the north bay this will be fundamental and seeing how much fog we have over night. i still expecting widespread fog but it could clear out a little bit quicker tomorrow tomorrow will be the coolest day of the weekend quite greasy so will have a gradual warm up as we head into the weekend. >> in novato nearly 40 students are going have to transfer students more than two weeks into the school year. as kron 4 kate thompson reports lacey the district has no choice if they won a keep desperately needed state funding. >> even after hiring three more teachers as august when the district notice the enrollment numbers jumping in kindergarten through grade three was enough.
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the superintendent said the district in overbook the classes', it was a flood of last-minute registration which cause a crisis. >> we did not overrule classes' people just showed up on the first day and we settle my goodness were over by 3, over by to in some different places. if >> on the first day of school many classrooms like all of elementary school there were more than 20 students in a class a state mandated clement that the district paid dearly for its seating. >> for every student over 20 pay a thousand and $50. we lose that money. it's a penalty from the state. >> i think some people might say it's 40,000 can't make everybody happy and keep the 40,000. there's not $40,000 to each. we've already hired three new teachers to try and accommodate that. if >> as for winning two weeks for moving children to other schools the district said that the standard waiting. if to see was
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coming or was not. reporting in novato kate thompson kron 4 news. >> >> in richmond three schools are facing possible closure tonights the richmond city council will meet to discuss whether to give the contra costa unified school district one-and-a-half million dollars which would allow the district to keep open kennedy high school of law and elementary and grant elementary curative the funds are approved the schools would close of the end of the school year and about 900 students would be forced to attend other schools in the area. the stick a quick look outside a nice sunny day out there right now golden gate bridge some of traffic in both directions. we'll be right back.
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you can't really love me. i know about gayle. i don't know what you're talking about. if you just tell me what happened... [ ding ] [ man ] 35th and archer. next stop hamilton. [ brakes hiss ] ♪ [ male announcer ] now you can watch hit tv shows on your iphone when you get at&t u-verse tv. at&t. rethink possible. the dow dropped on hundred and seven. closed at 10,340. the nasdaq finished 24 down. meanwhile young people are taking more risk when it comes to investing. >> that could pay >> after all
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you have the advantage of time. maybe even up to 40 years to you need hap happened your retirement you can ride out the bumps and bruises on the way. today an investment company says less than one in four people under the age of 35 say they are willing to take on a substantial level of risk. experts say over the past decade events such as the dock, boston agreed recession have created a strong opinion among younger generation and they are now risk averse. when 23 world profile tell cnn money that he knows how stupid it is to keep his portfolio in cash he has pulled all this money of the market and invested into safe but low- yielding certificates of deposit a recent merrill lynch showed more young people are conservative that's all other age groups when it comes to
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finances. of the new york stock exchange and police said taylor. >> hewlett-packard is suing former ceo mark heard from stopping him to take a job at a rival or cold. this comes one day after oracle hired her to call president helped lead the database software maker and muscling and more of h-p's turf. h-p claims that hurd would be able to perform the job at oracle without stirring hp's trade secrets and violating a confidentiality agreement. >> of the trees outside a big changeover yesterday much much cooler and in the '60s and '70s this afternoon about 20 to 25 degrees cooler than yesterday. will talk about this cool down- and how long it's going the last coming up a few minutes.
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you are looking at live video of the numerous house fires that are currently raging throughout the city of detroit michigan.
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see for yourself according to distraite to the fires are spread all over the city. this treaty side for homes are on fire and the seven homes falling gold and your queen anne van dyke multiple homes on fire on robin wood street. those names may not mean anything to you accepted the fact this is to illustrate their scattered all over the city. there also homes on fire on detroit's west side. fire fighters are also battling a blaze in an abandoned portion of building on detroit's east side. your looking at this many of these homes are already destroyed and right now fire fighters are trying to save those that are nearby. at this point police investigators on looking into whether the same person might be setting all of these fires. reporting live in the newsroom dan carmen kron 4 news. >> riding are to is easy way to get around the bay area but the levels of noise on the train could be a cause for concern kron 4 daniel wrote bart today to find out how loud it could
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potentially get. >> >> it's no secret the bart trains are allowed. but just how loud are they and could be hazardous to your hearing. today we robards and armed with this meter that measures loudness in decibels to find out. here at montgomery station you get 80 to 85 decibels when the train rolls in which is about the same loudness level as traffic. that level isn't too bad but in a trance bay to that's where things get louder. in here some being greeted by the train on the tracks reflects off the narrow concrete tunnel every back towards the cars were writers are. we had mitterrand for the whole ride across the bay-the most of the ride was close to 100 decibels which is a level that hearing damage can occur when you're exposed to the level noise for prolonged period of time jury to give you an idea of how much things change once dropped the train is what levels of lead in the west oakland platform and here's what they're like a parking lot of the station where the level struck down to the '70s. keep in mind a ride across the bay is only
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tenants longs of the length of exposure may not be enough to cause any damage but you always wear earplugs while riding a train carried in san francisco daniel kron 4 news. >> were as viewers what they thought about the bart knows kron 4 web producer kimberly is here to share some of the responses. >> we received quite a big response interface book fan page. we asked our viewers what they thought a lot of them said that if you compared it to transit systems across the country that are did low. ashley wrote i lived in europe for a few years. both the metro-north and subway or 100 times louder and smelled watch worse than bart. and groped their some of parts but for the most part it's quiet it's definitely one of the most efficient trains they're almost always on time. davis also wrote sang that total to just me, but running bart to the transit tunnel is so deafening, it's painful. >> controversy continues to flow
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around the new pg&e smart meters. customers are complaining the devices will interfere with household in turelectronics. her baby monitor has been on the blank ever since and smart meter was on installed yesterday. the monitor hold so much static and it was constant. you have to turn the monitor on for days and that was only shortly after the smart leader when and. it's in retrospect that i realized it started i didn't think of a connection. you can hear a lot of static coming from it still. also what i hear now is to carry out a dropping out of signal. i don't even know that the monitor is picking up anything from the baby. of course. >> the interference should start
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after her new smart meter was installed six weeks ago and suspects the problems being caused by the leaders which transmit information over the airwaves back to the utility. she says piccinni's suggested a prom maybe with her baby monitor and suggested she get in your model. spokesperson for pg&e acknowledge the utility is looking into a number of similar complaints but insists this march leaders meet or exceed all sec guidelines for real control devices. >> it's a cliche but today is true what a difference a day makes. look at these current temperatures in the '60s and '70s for the most part much cooler than what we saw there yesterday. as much as 25 degrees or a little bit more. 50 and san francisco, 65 in oakland and 62 in a word. our inland spots in the '70s antioch 81 degrees. over the past 24 hours it's quite remarkable the difference. 24 degrees cooler in oakland same thing in hayward in concord. 13 degrees cooler in
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antioch and it still in the '80s there right now. 24 hours ago was much much warmer. temperatures dropped dramatically more also seeing gusty winds out there. at our satellite pictures you notice the dog up and down the san mateo coastline. that is how it broke off shore. this is important as we head into the overnight hours to see if of widespread fraud. i think we will end of tracker showing that as well. the three an hour to the 6:00 hour if you notice the widespread fog and a little more broken up in the north bay. there's a storm passing as to the north and will bring in more cold air that helps to mix of the clouds and 90 am starting a mix out in the north bay even along the bay shore is down into the south bay. that will continue as we head into the late morning hours and by new will be mostly kirsch with clear skies filling in behind it. cooler temperatures tomorrow because of the blast of cold air temperatures will be just have one in marin, 64 along the bay shore, 57 at the coast line. as we head into the rest of the
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week will start to see gradual warming and into the weekend temperatures will be warmer but still sitting below average. >> it's been years in the making but a wetland restoration project is bringing new life to a section of the day that has been drained decades ago. as kron 4 craig shows you to restore wetland will bring birds and wildlife back to the >> the water you see here means what life will be returning to this 237 a. salt pond on the west side of the dumbarton bridge. once you start to sell to the federal and state governments spent a hundred million dollars in five years to restore to what once was. home to wildlife. this is what looked like before the project began of what looks like now filled with a water. the silence to see our were shore bridge will nessie's enter the water comes through the two entryways open and shut depending on the tide had nature intended trend >> this used to be fully with no water control structure is now the bay waters back in but in a more controlled way. >> this is one piece of the
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puzzle the federal state government is trying to restore 15,000 a. around the bay to make things as they once were for wildlife more than a hundred years ago >> that quick live look at side in 1 01 in san jose you can see traffic moving in both directions of left-hand side although the cameras wobbling around its your commute direction going southbound just a little bit of a company there. direction going southbound just a little bit of a company there. we'll be right back. y#
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some the mosque still under construction to graffiti included nt islamic messages. a 37 breeze for proms at this because the ninth anniversary of the 911 terror taxes coming up. at this particular mosque in san antonio this was the second such attack in two days. the day before vandals' targeted cars of the parking lot. members of the moss believe both incidents
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might be gang-related. john lennon's killer has again been denied parole. nearly 30 years after gunning down me exposition outside his new york city parks and your looking at mark chapman. he is now made six appearances before the parole board since becoming eligible for release in 2000. he was sentenced to 20 years to life for shipping line and four times in december of 1980. and this is a live picture of the huge wildfire near boulder colorado all the were looking at more smoke and flames at this point. it has burned 30 to 500 a. it has destroyed dozens of homes crews did manage to save the historic town of cold chill which includes buildings once used they had to move their equipment several times today to get away of flames. this fire broke out yesterday they don't think there's of you for interesting there and the house again dozens of houses have been burned. at one. fire fighters said the winds were sending the
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flames in two directions. colorado's governor has declared a state of emergency. we'll be back after this.
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